Ex1 vs pmw 200 manual

The pmwex1r is the successor to the pmwex1 and further extends the capabilities of the xdcam ex family with new features such as dvcam recording, cache recording, picture inversion. The pmw200 features the same fujinon lens as the pmwex1r. Other comparable class cameras use sensors and pixel shifting or other schemes to simulate resolution. The imaging device used in the pmw200 camcorder is a 12inch type triplechip exmor 1 cmos sensor, and the pmw100 camcorder uses a 12.

Outwardly it appears to be very similar to the pmw ex1, and shares many. During recording, various markers and zebra patterns can be inserted into. The pmw200 is sonys successor to the hugely popular pmwex1 camcorder. The wide angle lens just clamps on the camera in place of the hood and will only work when full manual focus has been disabled. Sony pmw200 manuals manuals and user guides for sony pmw200. System this product comes with the full primesupport pack age. Before operating the unit, please read this manual and the more detailed manual on the. View and download sony pmw200 operating instructions manual online. Exmor full hd 3cmos sensor, mpeg hd422 at 50 mbs, fujinon lens with 14x zoom, interchangeable lens mount system, 3. Sporting a fujinon professional hd lens specifically designed for this unit, with a trio of 12in cmos.

The sony pmwex1 is the worlds first professionallevel camcorder to use flash memory expresscardbased media. Sony pmw ex1 vs canon xf300 low light test i had a chance to shoot some side by side footage with the cams, the sonys seems to be a stop faster than the canon the footage was shot 1080 24p 48 with iris wide open. Can anyone advise how the size and weight compare to a hxrnx5 which is what i currently use for mostly handheld work. Successor models to the discontinued pmwex1ex1r offer advanced new features, for example recording in mpeg hd422 at 50 mbps, wifi remote control, multicamera operation and many others. The pmw200100 is a highly compact and highperformance xdcam 1 camcorder that uses sxs1 memory cards as recording media.

Biggest difference is ex1 is a fixed lens where the 200 has an interchangeable lens. Manual correction part numbers for flexible flat cable and ffc protection. Sony pmw200 manual xdcam browser software sxs device driver and sxs udf driver software. Overview of sony pxw200 replacement for pmw200 on vimeo. Sony pmwex1 operating instructions manual pdf download. These exmor cmos sensors were originally developed for the pmwex1r. The xdcam ex pmwex1r is the direct successor to sonys first entry into memory recording the pmwex1. Sony xdcam pmwex1 photos, specs, and price engadget.

We repair sony pmw200 within days including sand salt water damage. Kastar bpu68 multifunctional battery for sony bpu65 bpu60 bpu90 bpu30, sony pmw200 pmw300 pmwex1 pmwex3 pmwex1r pmwf3 pmwf3l pxwfs5 pxwfs7 pmwex160 pmwex260 pmwex280 pxwfx9k xdcam. Panasonic agdvx200 vs sony pmwex1r comparison youtube. Though they filled out a more modest lowerend to sonys xdcam and cinealta lines, they still saw action in some pretty impressive places, perhaps best known round these parts at least for the diy indie monster movie monsters as well as. Globalmediapro supplies the latest ex1r model with the most recent firmware. If this manual is required, please contact your local sony sales of. Before operating the unit, please read this manual thoroughly and. Sony pmw ex1 vs canon xf300 low light test on vimeo. A little nonscientific comparison of these two camcorders with matching settings and motives using the picture profiles from wolfgang winne. As such, it marks an interesting new direction for the digital video industry, which until now, has traditionally stuck to tape. It is the first handheld camera in its class to be equipped with 3 x 12inch exmor cmos sensors for excellent sensitivity and enhanced depth of field characteristics.

The pmw200 camcorder is armed with a 14x zoom lens with auto focus and image stabilizing capabilities. The pmw200 is compatible with at least one sony wifi adapter, and there is speculation. The pmw200 uses essentially the same sensors and lens as the ex1r, so the. One of the major downsides to the ex1 is the cost of the express cards. We delete comments that violate our policy, which we encourage you to read.

The hdsdi outputs of the ex1 and pmw200 will be very very similar. It supports the 50 mbps mpeg hd422 codec and mxf recording. For functions and use, see the operating instructions pdf. The sony pmw200 xdcam hd422 camcorder is the successor to sonys well respected pmwex1r camcorder. The pmw200 will have a tiny edge due to the improved image processing in the camera, but not due to any difference in the hdsdi signal. Operation of this equipment in a residential area is likely to cause harmf ul interference in which case the user will be required to correct the interference at his own expense. Sony pmwex1 vs panasonic hvx200 shootout footage online by noah kadner on jan 4, 2008 at 6. Sonys pmwex1 and its bigger, more shoulderfriendly brother the ex3 came as pretty powerful and versatile tapeless solutions to prosumer shooting. Pmw ex1r 3 e manual structure purpose of this manual the service manual is intended for use by trained system and service engineers, and provides the information of maintenance and detailed service. The pmw200 is equipped with three 12 full hd 1920 x 1080 exmor cmos sensors, which support tv1 high resolution, f11 2000 lx high sensitivity, low 56db noise and a wide dynamic range. Pmw200 three 12 exmor cmos xdcam hd422 memory handy camcorder the pmw200 is the sucessor to sonys well respected pmwex1r camcorder which supports the 50 mbps mpeg hd422 codec and mxf recording. Sony pmwex1 vs panasonic hvx200 shootout footage online by matt devino on jan 4, 2008 at 6. Review of the sony pmw200 alister chapmans personal blog.

Physically, the pxwx200 is virtually identical to the pmw200, the biggest difference being the new 17x fujinon hd zoom lens with a 35mm equivalent focal range of 29. Sony pmw200 pmw200 full hd xdcam ex 1 2inch cmos camcorder with 50mbs recording. Pmw 200 vs nx5 form factor yet to view an actual pmw 200 as yet, but on spec alone, i am looking to purchase one in next before november. The sony ex1 is popular among independent filmmakers due to the 12 truehd sensors, better depth of field control, and better low light capabilities. As an ex1 owner, ive always felt that its noise performance leaves something to be desired. We have 8 sony pmw200 manuals available for free pdf download. I could probably make do with the cheaper hpx250 if such a job surfaced, but im still probably a year off from upgrading my smallsensor cam loved the ex1 but bought into the hvx early and never found sufficient financial reason to switch. Pmwex1r a compact fullhd camcorder with sxs pro solid state recording and 12inch exmor sensorsxdcam ex new generation solid state recording enabling the use of highspeed memory sticks. A pair of hands tested two pro flash media cameras side by side.

Zoom, focus, and iris can be manually controlled with independent control rings. The iris ring can be switched between auto and manual and is silky smooth. The canon is lighter than the ex1 with a better cg center of gravity its very well balanced. Being a cinematography major, i spend a lot of time working with cameras. About a year ago the department bought a beautiful prosumer camera called the sony xdcam ex pmwex1, or for short, the ex1. The ex3 has been the production choice for this reason. Related manuals the following manuals are available in this model. Fortunately there are adapters that will allow you to use sd cards. Before operating the unit, please read this manual thoroughly and retain it for future.

Sony pmw300 picks up where the ex3 left off and adds. Each of the sensors has an effective pixel count of two million pixels and. Page 11 14x zoom lens shutterangle settings the pmw ex1 is equipped with a zoom lens in addition to the electric shutter speed controls, specifically designed for the camcorder to offer the pmw ex1 also has a shutter angle control, optimum picture performance. I realise, of course, that there are myriad factors involved here dynamic range, colorimetry, resolution, coding artefacts etc. Building on the unparalleled success of the sony pmwex1r, the pmw200 is. During restoration, the inprogress message and by using an optional qdaex1 media adaptor, status bar % are displayed, and the access you can insert an. Each of the sensors has an effective pixel count of two million pixels and achieves full hd 1920x 1080 shooting without pixel interpolation. Sony pmwex1 vs panasonic hvx200 shootout footage online. Quick intro to shooting with the sony pmw ex1 duration. For more information please visit pmw200 and pmw150 product pages. The pmw200 is the first handheld camera in its class to be equipped with three large, newly developed 12inch exmor cmos sensors, which provide excellent sensitivity and depth of field characteristics.

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