Nom de plume a secret history of pseudonyms

The book explores the biographies of several writerspatricia highsmith, mark twainwho adopted pen names and their various reasons for doing so. Daniel may continues the debat about george orwell and the gaza war. Carmela ciuraru takes a playful look at the history of pen names and the. Collective pseudonyms from the luddites to anonymous a quadrant. Samuel clemens, for example, was born in missouri in 1835, but mark twain was born in nevada in 1863, and ciuraru 96jrn accounts for. Carmela ciuraru discusses writers throughout history who hoarded secret identities sometimes playfully, and sometimes with tragic consequencesincluding mark twain, george eliot, and lewis carroll. We often think of writing as a form of selfexpression, but how much do words truly reveal about their authors. She explores the often dark reasons for why authors hide behind pretend identities and madeup names. A secret history of pseudonyms, by carmela ciuraru carmela ciuraru takes a playful look at the history of pen names and the reasons authors use them. There is a photograph of carmela on the back flap of the book cover.

A secret history of pseudonyms, by carmela ciuraru. An engrossing, wellpaced literary historybiography on the quick, and done well. Looking back at a history of pseudonyms the forward. A secret history of pseudonyms carmela ciuraru on amazon. The secret history of pseudonyms, was recently published by harpercollins. Jun 14, 2011 at last, i am able to report that i found my thrill, not on blueberry hill but in the obscure pleasures offered up by the ethereal carmela ciuraru in her brilliant harpercollins, thought so. It may be a performers stage name or an alias used by visual artists, athletes, fashion designers, or criminals.

A pseudonym also known as a pen name is a name you can give yourself for the purpose of anonymity or just to have a better sounding name. A secret history of pseudonyms, carmela ciuraru her real name chronicles the lives of 16 notable authors who wrote under false names, and recounts the lives of the pseudonyms themselves. Does the fact that hamas is an easy bogeyman embolden israel to do things that are wrong and not in its own interests. Some female authors used male pen names, in particular in the 19th century, when writing was a maledominated profession. A secret history of pseudonyms kyoko moris passion brings barn cat to new readers an excerpt from an authentic captain marvel ring by alan cheuse. A secret history of pseudonyms by carmela ciuraru was an enjoyable collection of miniature biographies about various literary figures throughout more recent history that have written and published under pseudonyms. Or, as they are more commonly remembered, george eliot, lewis carroll, george orwell, and o. Do you think that readers have the right to the details of an authors life, even if the author writes fiction. Plus, free twoday shipping for six months when you sign up for amazon prime for students. It is amongst the most awesome publication i actually have read.

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